Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It was once an easy job to go on a cruise. You just had to look at a few brochures and tell you travel agent about the cruise you want. But with the industry going at a rapid rate, there has been a mixture of cruise packages, choices and prices. So finding the best cruise deal is a tedious work. However, following some steps can make your decision easier.
Cruise lines are the busiest during the time between January and March. The cruise lines make a lot of deals and profit at this time. This is, therefore, the best time to make a reservation as there are many attractive offers to grab.

Be prepared in advance about your trip unless you are interested in last minute cruise deals
. Contact your desired cruise line and ask about their services. However, you can also do this after all the research work has been done.

Keep an eye on the advertisements and constantly look for bargains. Newspapers are a good source for such kind of advertisements. You can also check for these ads online. Cruise booking
sites also present whether you seek a luxury holiday
or budget vacation. They sometimes offer the cheapest possible prices. Cruise web sites are better than normal travel sites for booking a cruise
. You can also look for some last minute cruise packages there as well.

You can also seek an advice from a travel agent if you want. They may refund you consultation fee if you book from them. Tell the agent exactly what you want from the deal. These agents help a lot for those who are not physically well.

Compare all the gathered information you have as soon as you receive them. Try for some bargains, negotiations and some onboard facilities. Be active and flexible in whatever you do.

If your travel agent offers you the same quote as the cruise line, continue your hunt for the deal. The agent is not saving you any money. There is always a good deal for those who seek it. Regardless of where you want to go , getting the best cruise deal is very important. Don’t go for the very first deal you see. Research and then make a wise move.

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